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FEBRUARY ESSENTIALS: Rituals, Origins, NYX and more!

     Another month has passed and it is time for my FEBRUARY ESSENTIALS. Some are new discoveries but some are my all time favorites.
     February passed really quick and I haven't had much time to spare for my blog. Apart of work, we also went for a short trip to Istanbul to attend a wedding. And Turkish wedding is full of traditions and events to attend so there wasn't much time left for shopping and enjoying the city. Even though it was a mini vacation for us, we arrived more tired than departed and it took about two weeks to finally unpack and getting back to normal.
     Still I managed to have a small beauty and fashion haul, some items of which I will show off in this and following posts.
      My favorite discovery of February was RITUALS SCENTED CANDLE - LOTUS SECRET. I am a huge fan of RITUALS beauty & shower products and have tried most of the lines so having found a scented candle was a pleasant surprise.
     Fragrance composition is made of White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren or the seeds of Job's Tears, a plant used in Chinese medicine, seeds of which remind of barley grains.
     Scent is very comforting: slightly sweet, mild and yet still oriental. It smells quite natural, unlike some other, cheaper versions of scented candles that seem synthetic and sharp. LOTUS SECRET candle will fulfill the room with soft, "barely there" fragrance and will create a cozy atmosphere.

The candle also carries a beautiful inspirational quote:
"Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be."

Online: 21.00 GBP
Istanbul Duty Free: ~17.00 EUR

     I am new to ORIGINS and I own only 2 products - charcoal mask, that I haven't started using yet, and  CLEAN ENERGY GENTLE CLEANSING OIL. Before I was using cleansing oil from SEPHORA which was also fantastic and it opened a new chapter in my skincare routine.
     Cleansing oil is the most effective and, same time, gentle cleansing and makeup removing solution that I've found until now. Without pulling, stretching and rubbing the skin, you simply need to massage the oil in your face and also eyes, and remove afterwards with a warm damp washcloth. Water will recreate oil in to light, milky solution that will remove easy with washcloth. I am using small, simple cotton towels. It is important to use a clean towel every time, to avoid any bacteria that could be on previously used ones.
     Those, who dont believe the effectivness of cleansng oil, just try it PROPERLY. It leaves skin silky smooth and fresh, without any greasiness. Test if with cotton and lotion to make sure there is no makeup left. I am not using any facial foams or soaps afterwards, simply not necessary.
     CLEAN ENERGY OIL is based on sunflower, sesam and olive oils but contains numerous other beneficial oils as well: clary sage, rosmary, macadamia, bergamot, grapefruit and etc.
     It works for all skin types, but as it has high number of citrus and other fragrant oils there is a possibility that it could be irritating for sensitive skin.

Online: 27.00 USD
Frankfurt Duty Free: ~23.00 EUR

     ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR MAKEUP is my holy grail foundation. Excellent for combination skin type, very long wearing and medium/full coverage. You are welcome to read my full review HERE.

Online: 39.50 USD

     I am setting my foundation with NYX COLOR CORRECTING POWDER in YELLOW, and it is a perfect match. My skin has quite a yellow undertone, but my face has some very pink areas, so color correction products are my saviors. This powder is in loose shape and mineral based, doesn't contain talc. It is finely mild, and a little goes a long way. I also have MAC COSMETICS yellow powder which I will start using afte finishing NYX, lets see who will win.
     Lately there have been more and more discoveries about talc as a possible health hazard so I am also slowly taking action and trying to avoid in my beauty routine.

Online: 9.99 USD

     GUERLAIN TERRACOTA is one of the most iconic bronzing lines in the history of makeup. I am using the version of TERRACOTA 4 SEASONS in 00 NUDE. I have this powder for a really long time but I never really used it because it seemed too rosy, but this year on my pale winter skin, it looks so refreshing and gives a subtle elegant glow.
     For everyday contouring, I am using the three matte shades and the pink, shimmery color I use strictly as blush. The powder has soft and translucent finish, it looks natural yet sophisticated.
     GUERLAIN Makeup is on the top shelf of luxury makeup and prices are quite up there... I got mine as a gift from brand when I was still working in perfume&cosmetics retail. I have another, darker shade from the same line, which I am using often and it is still not done! Little goes a long way with Terracota.

Online: 76.00 USD


     Last but not least - MAYBELLINE MASTER BROW PRO PALETTE in Deep Brown is all I need for more natural but well groomed brows.
     I found this product last year when I was preparing a Christmas package for my Mom. She is also very much into makeup and uses number of products everyday, so I prepared her a box full of makeup goodies that she would love and could use daily. As eyebrow product I chose MAYBELLINE palette and it was exactly what she needed. Also me! I tried it in December few times, loved it so much that bought myself another one and it is my favorite brow product for everyday work makeup.
     It contains sheer, brown wax, dark brown powder and sheer natural/rosy highlighting powder. Wax is quite hard and applies in a very thin layer but still manages to fix the hair. After applying that, I fill in empty spots with powder which is finely blended and looks quite even. And finally - the highlighting powder - so beautiful, glowy and translucent that I use it under brow and also in my inner corners of eye.

Online: 12.99 USD

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please, check out my JANUARY ESSENTIALS, here.

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