10.31.2016 Tunis, Tunisia

30 Days of Makeup - Halloween inspired CLOWN

Inspiration - BLACK

First week of MAKEUP CHALLENGE has passed and I must say, it is so much fun, if only days would be longer to enjoy it even more. If you have no idea what I am talking about check my previous post here, totally related to the Challenge!
For the first time ever I catched the Halloween vibe and created couple looks. It was a challenge as I never tried face art and I didn't have any special colors.

First look - CREEPY CLOWN was inspired by Youtuber Chrisspy and her Gangster Clown Video, see it here, very very cool, I actually watched it around 10 times...
Clown Makeup is not so complicated but you have to be careful and try not to rush into things.


I did apply foundation, concealer and powder before getting creative, and contoured cheeks afterwards. Use what you love but make sure the products are not too greasy or shiny so your art would stick to the skin.

All the black lines around eyes and lips are created with this liner as its texture is very light, watery and easy to erase. It is not super pigmented but you can layer it. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone who is struggling with cat eye looks (like me).
NOTE: drawing lines on skin is way more difficult than it seems, as skin texture mostly is uneven so be careful.
Black dots I draw with eye shadow because it was impossible to get perfect circles with eyeliner. I simply put a pencil brush on the skin and swirled it around couple times, pretty happy with the result.
CARBON is also in eye makeup as darkest shade.
This lipstick blended perfectly with the black lines around mouth, I would suggest to avoid anything satiny or shiny.

So, did I manage to look evil?!


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