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     False lashes are now at their peak point of fame and almost every single brand is trying to produce them. Even H&M! I am still very skeptical about the H&M beauty and makeup line but I decided to try out the eyelashes as they, technically, cant affect my health and well being in any way.
    At the start of 2017 I purchased three different pairs, each one of them representing a separate style of lashes: natural, evening and avant-garde.

The Avant Garde pair - MERSMERISE

     This is the pair I would never choose to wear outside of home on a random day, but for a fun photo shoot or creative makeup look, why not? I love how the lashes ended up looking in my spring makeup look, that I created in March. SEE DETAILS OF THE LOOK HERE.
     This pair of lashes was the easiest to apply, it stuck very easy to the skin and didn't move around. Also the "hair" are well attached to the strip and are not sliding around it as it can happen to this style of falsies. The problem of all H&M lashes is that they are not very curved and it has to be done after application which is a tricky thing to do and I managed to ruin the shape of one strip. And once you ruin the shape it doesn't return to its normal...

The natural pair - FLUTTER

     The hardest pair to apply of all three. It has a terrible shape - straight band and lashes are upwards. You can see on inner corner the band is glued weirdly straight but it was the only place where it would stick, as it wasn't elastic at all and didn't bend once it was on the eyelid. Also lashes are poorly attached to the band and are moving around. I don't think I will ever manage to use this pair again, if only I would cut it in parts and use as accent lashes in outer corners, but ain't nobody got time for dat. SEE THE FULL MAKEUP LOOK HERE.

The Evening pair - SILHOUETTE

     The pair looks pretty nice in photos and it has a sophisticated, evening style. But in real life they unfortunately look way too plastic.. They have a good shape and a thick dark band, which I love because no need for eyeliner! I also like how the longest lashes are in the middle of the band and not in the outer sides, it is kind of doll-style, the shape really does compliment my eyes. I would love to find similar style from a different brand, less plastic one. SEE DETAILS OF THIS MAKEUP LOOK HERE.

     Overall, in my opinion, these lashes are overpriced for the quality they offer, the price is 5-6 USD and for that money better get EYLURE or NYX! Another thing I am not obsessed about is the packaging: it looks pretty but it's very unpractical if you would like to store your lashes in there between uses. So hard to close! Needless to say, but I wont purchase these wonders again.

     I would love to your experience with H&M lashes so please comment below! Also, if there is a makeup or beauty product you LOVE from H&M, share your suggestions!

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  1. thank you so much for sharing! you look great though especially the second and the last pair. but I get what you mean. there are so many choices out there in very affordable price there days. I used to use faux lashes a lot. it is actually better to get the cheapest but of course in good enough quality too.

    1. I completely agree with you! A lot of makeup brands now also offer multi packs and it comes down very cheap per pair. Maybe, H&M should just stick to fashion :)

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