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CHANEL LIPSTICK COMPARISON & SWATCHES: Rouge Allure, Rouge Coco & Rouge Coco Stylo

     Today I will compare 3 types of CHANEL Lipsticks and, maybe, will help you to choose the right one!


     The classic CHANEL lipstick that everyone knows. And for most people this lipstick is the first purchase before starting the CHANEL addiction.

An intense, long-wearing lip colour with full coverage and a satin finish. Leaves lips supple and protected with lasting comfort.
In a new formula, ROUGE ALLURE features concentrated, ultra-thin pigments that deliver full coverage and magnify shade intensity. Sweet Almond Oil, Green Tea and Sappan Wood helps smooth, moisturize and protect lips.
      The famous CHANEL "click" when you close the lipstick, that is the real sound of chic. I am in love with the packaging, it is so classy and so elegant, pretty much as everything CHANEL and will never go out of style.
     My shade is 90 PIMPANTE which, I believe, is close to grapefruit pink shade, it is very summery and fun color for everyday.
     As you can tell from the lip-swatch, PIMPANTE is not a full coverage shade, like it is stated in product description. It is sheer finish with a hint of shimmer, and it is necessary to apply two layers for more visible and bright color. I can agree that ROUGE ALLURE lipsticks are very comfortable to wear, lips are hydrated as well as plumped.
     Another issue for me is the shimmer, because it tends to "run" into all the small lines and it is not creating a good look...Probably, because lipstick formula is not thick and creamy enough.
     I have tried couple other shades from the line and they are way more long lasting that PIMPANTE. Because of the sheer finish it doesn't last longer than couple hours, not even talking about having a meal. I would really love to have this shade in more thicker, more covering formula because it is so beautiful and refreshing.


     ROUGE COCO is another classic from CHANEL Makeup collection and it got an updated formula about 2-3 years ago. I wasn't a fan of previous formula but the new one is a completely different story. Also they have picked the names for lipsticks very carefully - each one of them is an important personality from  Gabrielle Chanel's life. Mine, ARTHUR or CAPTAIN ARTHUR EDWARD "BOY" CAPEL was a lover and a muse of the famous fashion designer. That is the coolest name of a lipstick I have ever owned: "Just a sec, let me get my ARTHUR to freshen up my lips..." :)

ROUGE COCO lip colour is more expressive than ever in a hydrating, next-generation formula that provides full coverage with a creamy yet lightweight finish.
An exclusive complex of Jojoba and Mimosa Butters, Sunflower Wax and Silicone provides lasting hydration and luminous shine. With a vibrant colour spectrum, featuring shade names inspired by Coco Chanel and the friends, artists and lovers who inspired her.
     Very classic design that makes an amazing gift for someone special or just for yourself. There is just something about a woman when she takes a CHANEL lipstick out of her handbag to refresh the makeup. Who else agrees? Small detail that makes you feel more sophisticated.
     Product description doesn't lie, the formula is like a dream, cushions your lips and plumps up all day long. It is something between gel and cream, this lipstick really smoothes the texture of lips.
     Again, I must admit, I don't see it as a full coverage, maybe, medium to full, and it needs two layers for more rich finish. Which is understandable because the hydration is so intense and most long wearing, full coverage lipsticks tend to lack comfort.
     Color is so juicy and effective yet good for everyday use, it really compliments the skin tone. I have started using this lipstick just recently and I cant wait to wear it with some tan on the skin.


     More carrying version of the classic COCO lipstick. It comes in a moder, slim design and offers even more comfort.

The intensity of a lipstick, the shine of a lipgloss and the comfort of a lip balm — all in one creamy yet lightweight formula.
The innovative, hybrid lip colour is enriched with nourishing Apple Seed Extract, and hydrating Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil. Silk Powder, Beeswax and special ingredients help visibly smooth, plump and add brilliant 3D shine to lips. A spectrum of shades features pinks, reds, nudes and corals. In a convenient, twist-up ‘stylo’ form to write your colour signature.
     The lipstick formula is quite similar to the original ROUGE COCO yet a bit more gel-like. I love the formula, very hydrating and smoothing. Also the color is surprisingly intense but it appears brighter on lips than in packaging. MESSAGE is a trendy shade, sort of soft and dusty plum slash rose.
     This is a perfect 'lip balm' version for dry lips as it is so comforting and soothing, also packaging and smaller version of bullet allows to apply your lipstick anywhere and quick. STYLO is definitely less lasting formula than ROUGE COCO, probably because of the gel-like finish.

     I am very happy with most of my CHANEL products and also I am completely aware that the high price is paid partially for the brand's famous name. Yet the quality is superb and design is also so chic that I would suggest CHANEL makeup products. My favorite is ROUGE COCO lipstick, and ARTHUR is a sophisticated red with a twist for your everyday look.

PRICE: All lipsticks cost 37.00 USD on Chanel.com
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  1. Mmm tas rozīgais tonis ir ļoti skaists <3 Nevaru sagaidīt to mirkli, kad savu kosmētikas kolekciju papildināšu ar kādu Chanel lūpu krāsu :)


  2. Love Chanel.They have good pigment and the package is great too.Amazing post.

  3. I love everything Chanel. I have a bunch of stuff and I love everything.
    you have such an awesome blog! omg i love it! I'm following and I would love if you could visit my blog and maybe follow me too :)

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  4. I used Rouge Coco Edith for eight years. The new formula does not wear as well as tinted Chapstick. It is awful and I will never buy it again. Doesn't last five minutes.


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