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     Oh, Stenders, Stenders, Stenders... My all time favorite Latvian cosmetics brand that I can never have enough of. Today I decided to share my thoughts of the STENDERS 24k GOLD COLLECTIONS as this is my most loved line from the brand.

The Packaging

     I received this set as a Christmas gift from my best friend, she knows me too well! It was in a beautiful golden box with clear top, decorated with dark red satin ribbon - simple and elegant. And some of you know, when buying a product in STENDERS and asking to wrap it as gift, that is when the magic happens.
     Also the product design is elegant and quite luxurious yet modern, with metallic caps and a glass jar for the body cream. If you are purchasing GOLD Collection seperately, each item comes in a wonderful golden cardboard box with a metallic lid.

The Fragrance

     IF you love CHLOE fragrances, like the classic Eau de Parfum and Love Story, I bet you are going to love this scent as well. CHLOE is my signature scent, and I find 24k Gold Collection as the perfect match to it.
     GOLD Collection Fragrance is combination of oriental sweetness of vanilla & anis, citrussy freshness of bergmot & orange, flower accord of rose & white flowers, and base of sandalwood & musk. I guess the flower delicacy and musk combination is the one that reminds so much of my beloved CHLOE.
     If STENDERS would come out with a Eau de Parfum or even a body spray, I would be the first one in the line to purchase it.

The Formula

     Gold in Beauty. STENDERS claims that gold particles absorbs even in the deepest layers of skin, will take care of your youthfulness, and here, I have to say, don't keep your expectations high. :) Gold has been used a lot in cosmetics, some believe there is a point, some don't, but experts claim that gold is a heavy irritant to the skin and there is no significant evidence of its effects on improving skin condition. 
     Another thing - deepest layers of the skin? Most products will sit on the top of the skin and absorb only in Epidermis, and only few products will go deeper than it - in Dermis. But I have not heard of any product that will absorb until Hypodermis, which is the deepest layer of the skin. I believe that brands should lower their promises and put both feet back on the ground. So you wont be "glowing from the inside" after using any of these products.
     Yet the myth about luxury of gold in your beauty routine sounds nice and somehow romantic, and while I have not experienced any allergic reactions or sensitivity from this line, I will keep using it because of other benefits it has.

     Showergel. As all STENDERS shower gels, it has gentle and non-drying formula. It contains 24k gold particles and pomegranate extract that works as anti-oxidant. The fragrance is quite intense and I love it as my skin will smell good for some good moment after taking a bath. There is no shimmery gold effect, of course, as it is shower gel and we rinse it off (logically).

     Soap. Same ingredients as shower gel, same wonderful fragrance. I am not going to use it for now, as the scent is still so intense and don't want to waste it, I will better keep it in my closet so my clothes could get some of the luxurious freshness as well.

     Body Cream. Apart of other two ingredients, it is also enriched with Argan oil, and Argan oil is the best for nourishing dry skin. Skin feels incredibly soft yet not greasy after the application of this cream. It contains shiny particles, so its a lovely option for summertime when your skin is more tan and you want that glowy effect.

Buying seperately:

     Dear Gentleman, Valentines Day is coming, so this might be the perfect gift for your loved one. I am always so happy to buy and also receive as a gift anything from STENDERS.
     The thoughtfulness of how the brand creates the products and treats customers is one of the main reasons why STENDERS is on the top of the lists of souvenirs that tourists and also locals choose to bring abroad.

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