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MAKEUP BRUSH KIT FOR BEGINNERS: 5 Best & 5 Needless Brushes

     The second most important thing in makeup artistry, just after products, are the tools you are using. And at start it can be very overwhelming to pick the right ones, as the options are almost unlimited. I remember, when I just started to explore the magical world of makeup, I wanted to buy everything, and, mostly, because of how appealing all brushes and products look and not because I would necessarily need them. Even now I make some purchases based on their design not function, I don't think this is curable. :)
     So today I have decided to share my opinion about which brushes are essential to have and which you don't need to purchase right away, when you are just at the beginning stages in makeup. These tips can be useful if you would like to prepare a brush kit for your own use or you would like to start learning more about makeup artistry and one day work as a professional MUA.


EYES. I have picked 3 types of brushes that are perfect for beginners - easy to use, soft and not oversized.
    • Medium "fluff" eye shadow brush. Choose the one that is not completely flat and stiff but it has to be dense enough to pick up the color. Check so the bristles are super soft and they are cut in a rounded shape. This type of a brush works perfect for packing up color and blending the edges as well. Partially rounded shape will allow to blend the color inside the crease as well. MY CHOICE: Givenchy Eye Shadow Brush.
    • Pencil brush. Even if it is called pencil brush, it doesn't mean it is only for pencils smudging or underlining your eyes. I use it for applying the darkest shades in outer corners of my eyes. Round shape is great for blending, but brush is stiff enough to intensify the color to your desired look. MY CHOICE: Zoeva Luxe Pencil Brush.
    • Wing liner brush. Great for wings, for Vampy eye shadow looks and also excellent for your brows! I use this one quite often with my brow pomades and it works excellent. Especially for starters, if you want to be more precise. MY CHOICE: Zoeva Wing Liner.

 FACE. Two brushes and one sponge should be enough for you to create a flawless look. Just make sure you clean up the leftover product between applications.
  • Classic blush brush. The versatile shape and size allows to apply any face powder, blush and even contouring powders, if necessary. Number One face brush that I am taking with me when traveling. If you need to pick between powder brush and blush brush, pick a good blush brush instead. MY CHOICE: Givenchy Blush Brush.
  • Round contour brush. Highlight, contour, add a blush, dust off the powder after "baking" - it is the ultimate assistant for your face. Again, it is really important that the bristles are soft and brush feels gentle against your cheek. And of course, keep it clean. MY CHOICE: Real Techniques Contour Brush.
  • Beauty Blender. You will not need any liquid foundation or concealer brush, with this one. Even cream contour products blend like a dream with this sponge. Brand suggests to use it wet, but I like to apply some formulas with dry sponge, to keep the coverage good. I really suggest to invest in one Beauty Blender, that will last long time (if you take care of it) and ease the makeup application to minimum effort, than buying cheap, stiff sponges. Also, in my opinion, classic foundation brushes take longer to blend in the product and with some brands. MY CHOICE: Original Beauty Blender.


     And by needless I don't mean that they are bad, but they are unecessary for your beginners kit. I have purchased and use these brushes often enough, but before that I managed to do makeup just fine even without them.

  • Lash/brow wand. Completely unnecessary if you own a any brow pencil that has spoolie attached automatically. Also, single use mascara wands are quite easy to find and work good enough, if you test a mascara in store, ask for one and keep it. Some brands charge up to 20 USD, I mean, seriously?
  • Large shading brush. Classic shaders are one of the least used type in my brush collection, yet still I bought this one. GORGEOUS, soft brush, but so useless... Even medium sized, flat shaders don't do much, except apply color, but you will still need to blend it with another brush for perfect result. Round shape brushes are much more versatile.
  • Classic foundation brush. There are ton of good foundation brushes available in the market, but the classic one annoys me the most. It takes so much time to apply flawless, non-streaky finish. It also doesn't work with quite a lot of formulas and at the end I have to take Beauty Blender for assistance. 
  • Fan brush. It is definitely not a bad brush, but you don't need it in your beginners kit. It become famous after big youtubers started to use it for highlights, but, honestly, when I asked my Make Up Trainers for the original purpose of it, the only thing they said: To dust away the fallout under your eyes. LOL. Yet, it is a good brush for a sheer bronzer or highlighter application, but there are more universal brush options for the aim.
  • Stippling brush. It is a type of foundation brush for sheer foundations and primers. I don't use it for any of foundations, just few watery primer options. Bristles are not dense so if you will try to apply your average coverage cream foundation, it will absorb a lot of product and it wont be easy to blend. But it is nice to use it on clients when applying primer or even some skincare product, looks fancy. :)

     I really hope my post helped you to choose your brushes. It is so important to have good quality and resistant tools that will serve great, whether for your own use or for your precious clients. 
    Feel free to leave a comment if you have any thoughts about the topic or if you have any other super-brush that works excellent in your Make Up Routine!

Affiliate links, I may get a small commission if you choose to buy these items, but it doesn't affect the product price.


  1. Very useful post! My favourite are the Sigma brushes, I use their powder and blush brushes every single day

    1. To be honest, I have never tried Sigma! But I remember their brushes were such a big hit couple years a go, I will need to check their offer again :)

  2. Interesting post :) for a while now I can't imagine to apply foundation without beautyblender, it is truely amazing. Another brush I can't live wthout out is eye shadow blending brush.



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