1.21.2017 Tunisia

NYX BROW PRODUCTS: Tame&Frame and Micro Brow Pencil

     On my last visit to Latvia, I bought some really lovely products in the new NYX shop in Old Town of Riga, unfortunately, here in Tunisia there are very limited options when it comes to buying makeup. From some of the well known brands, here you can find INGLOT, MAC, E.L.F. and, of course some drugstore and the most popular luxury brands, and the prices are higher than in EU or USA. So on every visit home or any other trip outside Tunisia, I am trying to get as much as possible of the necessary products.
     Some of my purchases were NYX TAME & FRAME Tinted Brow Pomade and NYX MICRO Brow Pencil. I have used both of these items decent amount of times, so you are more than welcome to read my review and, maybe, it will be helpful for you to make decision when planning a purchase at NYX. 
Post includes close up photos of my brows, which is incredibly sensitive topic for me, so, please, don't judge and concentrate only on products not my unfortunate, sad eyebrows. :)

NYX TAME & FRAME Tinted Brow Pomade

     I am trying to find a substitute for the well-known ABH DipBrow Pomade and I feel that this almost is a good dupe for it! Texture is creamy and pigmented, it applies really well on my uneven, strange brows... It lasts all day without smudging and fading, which is a huge plus. For comparison - COLOURPOP Brow Color has a tendency to move and fade, so it has to be fixed with brow "mascara", yet not a single time I have used it on NYX pomade.
     As you can see my brow hair are a bit "wild", but it is quite difficult to fix them in one place, but the sticky waxes I don't use, as I hate that tacky feeling in my brows. So I am not judging the "TAME" part, because no brow product has managed to properly tame them.. :)
     I have chosen the shade - BRUNETTE, it is a bit too dark for me, especially in wintertime with skin being whiter than milk, so it will be necessary to pick a lighter colour next time. And there will be next time, definitely!

NYX MICRO Brow Pencil

     If you follow my blog, you might have noticed this item in my December Wishlist (link here). Pencil is not as pigmented as Brow Pomade, but it is workable. It can get uneven at some point, and if hasn't been closed properly, will dry out a bit. Good news: it doesn't break and the pencil tip doesn't get dull, it is perfect size for drawing hair-like strokes. And what I don't get is why there is such a price difference between Pomade and Pencil? This kind of mechanical pencils run out incredibly fast, and they have the risk of breaking or getting dry. So probably, wont purchase it again for 9 euros.

My shade is ASH BROWN

Here you can see comparison between both. My "good" eyebrow is the one with Micro Pencil, FYI... :)

Read my review for NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAMS here.
More of NYX products you can find on their homepage.


  1. I still prefer mechanical pencil, but it always need more attention to keep it in good condition.

  2. Man labāk patīk kā izskatās uzacis iezīmētas ar zīmuli. Kaut kā pārāk uzkrītoši tā pomāde izceļ katru matiņu. :) Noteikti plānoju izmēģināt to NYX automātisku zīmuli, bet pie mums mans tonis trāpās jau kuro reizi izpirkts :/

    1. Varbuut arii izcelj tik ljoti, jo taa ir mana "sliktaa uzacs", matinji aug ljoti diivainaa lenkjii :)


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