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BIODERMA SEBIUM Skincare for Problematic Skin - Review

     All autumn I was fighting crazy skin issues, most likely after unsuccessful relationship with my ex-foundation, and I decided to try out pharmacy brand BIODERMA.
     Before it I had tried one french pharmacy brand AVENE from which I used micellar lotion (loved it), Cleanance Mat lotion (it's ok) and TriAncéal Expert treatment (It was great product, but got discontinued and now they offer it in emulsion. Still use time to time.) and I was let mostly happy with the effect.
     I had noticed that apart of tiny blemishes that I always had once a month, I started having real cystic-acne issue on my cheeks. My skin was so uneven in texture, greasy and covered in teenager pimples. My skin was never perfect and it was always slightly oily, especially in summer time, but for past 3 - 4 years I didn't experience any big issues AND NOW THIS AGAIN?!
   When I started to understand it was because of the foundation, I immediately threw it away and changed my skincare as well. Now, when I have used BIODERMA Sébium line for more than two months, I can finally share my thoughts with you.

Sébium Gel Moussant - Foaming Cleanser

Product claims: gentle; limits sebum secretion; keeps pores from becoming clogged; good skin and eye tolerance; can be used as shaving foam. Contains fragrance, soap-free, hypoallergenic.
Interesting ingredients: Zinc and Copper sulphates - limits sebum secretion; Ginko Bilboa Leaf Extract - anti-oxidant, soothes skin.
Price online:11 EUR (FeelUnique.com) 

     It really gently cleanses the skin, also if I am washing of my makeup, even mascara it takes of quickly. It weirdly tastes sweet, but could be because of acids it contains, there is something named - saccharides (FYI: accidentally tasted while washing around lips LOL). And it is not drying at all, skin feels refreshed and cleaned well. Over all, not irritating at all, no reactons on my semi-sensitive skin and I can imagine myself buying this cleanser again.

Sébium Gel Gommant - Scrub

Product claims: refines skin texture; tightens pores; brightens the complexion; prevents the formation of new blemishes; regulates the quality of sebum.
Interesting ingredients: microbeads contain Glycolic and Salicylic acids that will act like a gentle peel and will promote cell renewal; Ginko Bilboa Leaf Extract - anti-oxidant, soothes skin.
Price online: 9.70 EUR (cocooncenter.co.uk)

     Love, love, love! Really nice scrub which gives an immediate effect. Skin does feel brighter and it's texture is super-soft. There hasn't been any flakiness of skin since I am using this scrub. At start I used it two times per week and now I switched just to one time, seems completely enough after the big damage is gone. Also this product I would purchase again.

Sébium AKN

Product claims: regulates sebum activity and keeps it from getting thick and damaged; limits appearance and spread of blackheads and pimples; smoothes skin texture and provides radiance; effective for mild to moderate blemishes.
Interesting ingredients: Salicylic acid; Ginko Bilboa Leaf Extract; Zinc Gluconate stops excess sebum production, and the proliferations of micro-organisms responsible for blemishes.

     Very light, silky texture makes this product a really good makeup base and, actually, since I started using this cream I haven't applied any skin primer for my everyday makeup. But I must admit it is not giving much of mattifying effect, my skin starts shining during the day, but it is not the heavy-greasy shine, skin actually feels fresh with this product. 
     Main point - it has cured my cystic acne! Small blemishes and some blackheads I still have but it was never my biggest concern, yet the painful and irritating pimples were. And best thing is that I noticed the difference after a week of using.

Conclusion: French pharmacy brands are my new skincare territory! I am definitely going to stick with these type of brands and products. If you have "not so heavy" acne issue, try out Sébium it has great potential to make your day easier! :)


  1. Yes, this is a good brand. I like that it is verytifed from pharmacy side.

  2. I've heard good things about this bioderma product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.


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