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I am continuing my foundation research and next in line is - INGLOT CREAM FOUNDATION in shade 26. I purchased this one after an emotional break-up with MAC STUDIO WATERWEIGHT, read review here. That piece of crap left me heartbroken and my face - covered in acne. Very dramatic, yes, I know... Problem with the last one - too much silicon which caused bad reaction. 

Semi-matte finish, suitable for all skintypes. Contains light reflecting minerals and providing even texture effect. Contains Silica powder - absorbs sebum and makes foundation long lasting. Semi-thick formula, covers imperfections while allowing skin to breath. Hypo-allergic.

Product swatches below. 

It is semi-matte just after application but after 2 hours my skin gets shiny. It doesn't cause heavy acne yet time to time I had some additional small blemishes, not sure if from this foundations or because my skin was still fighting the damage from MAC Waterweight
It wasn't easy to find shade, number 26 seemed most suitable and was also suggested by the sales consultant in Inglot shop, but it looked quite ashy, especially after a day at work. For a girl with light olive skin and yellow undertone, it is always a challenge to find good color. Either they are to orange, either too pink..
It did feel little bit heavy and dirty at the end of the day, especially if it was spent in the office and in all that dust from AC. And I cannot agree with the claim that it allows skin to breath, it did not make my skin feel fresh all day and sometimes I could notice how enlarged my pores are. 
Texture is very creamy, but more on the heavy side.

Conclusion: I wouldn't suggest it for oily/combo skin types, but normal/slightly combination skin would enjoy it in the coldest time of the year. I will not purchase it again.

In Latvia: 16.00 EUR Online

If you have tried other INGLOT face products, I would appreciate your suggestions! 

Thank you for stopping by! 


  1. ļoti nepatīk šis Inglot produkts, uz manas ādas biezpiens vien veidojas :(

    1. Saveelaas uz aadas? Tiktieshaam nesaprotu, kaapeec shis tonaalais ir "visiem aadas tipiem", textuura ir diezgan 'pasmaga', lai dereetu ikvienam. :)


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