11.20.2016 Tunisia


     Here, I am, sitting at home in November 19 and dreaming about Christmas... I have always been a sucker for Holiday season and I don't believe anything will change even in my old age. So on this lovely November day I would like to share a New Year inspired, easy to recreate Holiday makeup look.
     THIS IS THE TIME when you can pull out all your glitter stocks and paint your lips as bright and red as you always wanted! I am that nerdy girl who never wears bright red or purple lipstick on everyday bases, I will always stick with safe choices nudes, corals and pinks. But this year I am waking up my inner animal, ha! I sent photos of this look to my Grandmother and told: ''Is that you? Be careful or you will loose your identity..." :) 
     Let's remind ourselves that makeup is a form of releasing the creativity in us, that it is our way of being artists. And our identity is not the lipstick we wear or the length of false lashes, but our inner personality. that shines through.

     When I was vising Latvia back in September, I ordered couple pairs of Eyelashes from falseeyelashes.co.uk - delivery took less than 2 weeks, don't remember precisely anymore, and they have a wide range of brands. The pair I chose for this look is Wispy by RED CHERRY LASHES : nice, elastic strip, they were really easy to apply and wear. 
     In reality this look is dark, emerald green with gold accent, but unfortunately camera 'ate' a lot of the brightness away... Below you can see the main products I used.
     Beautiful gold pressed shimmer is from DIOR Holiday Collection 2 years ago, love love love this eye shadow in the box but it is actually really hard to apply and the glitter flies everywhere... The dark emerald green shadow is from Colourpop Cosmetics - Shameless, I got this shadow back in summer in my first Colourpop makeup haul. To be honest, I am still learning how to make Colourpop eye shadows work, but this current one is quite easy to apply, just make sure you do it with dense, preferably, synthetic brush.
     For the lips I tried couple options but stayed with this gorgeous deep burgundy shade - Colourpop Cosmetics - Notion. I really like how it looks with the eyes and as I applied couple layers it didn't dry down so much as it would be only with one layer. Here are the SWATCHES.

     So there it is - my first Holiday related post! If you have any questions regarding this look and products I used, please, comment below. I wish all of you joyful and warm start of the Christmas season! 

See you soon,


  1. Wow.. superīgi! Tumšās lūpas un tās acu ēnas kombinācija izskatās lieliski! ;)

  2. Fantastiski skaists grima tēls! Ļoti, ļoti piemērots strauji tuvojošajam svētku laikam! Tumši sarkanās lūpas izskatās lieliski kombinācijā ar tumšo smokey eye!



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