11.19.2016 Tunisia

BAD LUCK #1: MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation SPF30

     I am in a constant search for the best foundation and, unfortunately, lost of the times I find something I stay disappointed... My all time favorite was GIVENCHY ECLAT MATISSIME - perfect texture, coverage, even shade! But then Givenchy decided to cancel this product and also my dreams for perfect complexion... My face tends to have redness and that is way I am always trying to find yellow-based foundation shades which are not that easy to find.
     I chose to try MAC STUDIO WATERWEIGHT Foundation because of the texture. I had tried it similar formulas from DIOR, CHANEL and LANCOME and I fall in love with the lightness of texture and easiness of application. And, YES, it also applies nice and even, texture is light and watery, but after couple hours my skin feels terrible wearing it.

     First stage - DENIAL. No, this is MAC, it must be good! Maybe it was the combination with primer that didnt work out? Maybe it was the "hormone situation"? Maybe it was one of those bad makeup days? So the time went on and I used this foundation for good 3 weeks but nothing changed.
     Second stage - ACCEPTANCE. It felt so uncomfortable, like my skin refused to wear it. Little bumps started to cover my face and some turned into a real acne problem. This was the first time when I truly understood the meaning of the term "clogged pores" as I was checking out my skin in magnifying mirror. They say this foundation is non-comodogenic and will work well for all skin types, yeah, right.
     It wasn't lasting even in combination with numerous setting powders and even a setting spray from MAC, this foundation was moving and transferring like crazy. And the color was oxidizing but this issue I managed to fix with NYX COLOR CORRECTING POWDER in yellow.

     INVESTIGATION. I decided to dig a little deeper and compared the ingredient list with THE LOVE VITAMIN acne-causing ingredient list, and in total I found - 4 different silicons and 6 other ingredients that can cause irritation, clogged pores and comodogenic acne. And I didn't even check 100% of all formula. Well I know that most of the cosmetic, especially face products contain load of chemical substances, but apparently this one is overloaded with silicon and, in combination, with the rest of the formula it is way too heavy for my skin type.

CONCLUSION. save your money, energy and nerves, don't even look at its direction, if you have a combination or oily skin. And lets hope for better luck next time!


  1. Thanks for your honest review. I've wanted to try this product, so now I won't lol.

    xo Azu


    1. Glad that I could help, I will try to post reviews more often in future :)

  2. I have dry skin, I really like this one. I use NC15.

    1. Well, I guess, skin type was the main reason why it didn't work out for me :/


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