11.22.2016 Tunisia


 I am in love with this palette since I first opened it, colors, finish, formula - it has it all! My hand is automatically reaching for it now, not only to create complete looks but also to "assist" the other palettes I am using to create looks. If I am traveling and I can choose only one palette for eyes, this is the one I will be taking. If I have to go out and there is no time for makeup experiments, I am using TARTELETTE IN BLOOM because it is fool proof!
     I got this one instead of the classic Tartelette Amazonian Clay Palette because of the reviews I was reading online and hearing from other people. They say that the In Bloom palette is much brighter and pigmented than the first one, but I also must admit that I have never tried the original version. This was my first purchase from Tarte and it is sure not the last one. I bought two palettes in total and will be making another post for Showstopper Clay Palette which also have surprised me nicely.

     Finely milled powders, buttery, smooth and velvety to touch. Very easy to apply and blend.

     Shimmery shades are stunning, they add glamorous touch every makeup look. In general, colors are vibrant and versatile, they should fit every skin tone as they are quite pigmented. The color palette is neutral with some trendy burgundy and taupe accents. 
     I cant name one favorite shade but Leader, Rebel, Firecracker and Funny Girl stand out the most for my eye. There are couple universal transition shades as well - Jetsetter, Smarty Pants and Sweetheart. There isn't a black shade in the palette, but Tarte has added rich black-brown matte - Smokeshow, warm alternative to black that is very suitable for soft smokey eye or fall makeup looks. The lightest shade is Charmer, as you can see on my swatches, its almost invisible because its pretty much in my skin tone, but on eyes it is a great matte highlighting shade for inner corner and under the brow arch.
     They blend like a dream. Fallout is minimal. Very long lasting, doesn't crease. Shimmery shades stay in place and don't "run around" the lid, covering the mattes, as some alternative shimmers can do. Makeup finish is clean and bright!

Bellow you can see swatches of 6 colors in different lighting. I swatched all shades with a dense eyeshadow brush, and built up color as intense as it was possible.

  • Price: 42 EUR
  • I bought my palette on TARTE's homepage, but I had it shipped to Canada.
  • If you would like to ship it to LATVIA, there are some extra charges applied - shipping: 16.89 EUR; taxes: 11.62 EUR


  1. Tās krāsas! Es pat nevaru aprakstīt cik ļoti viņas patīk :D Labprāt redzētu kā tu viņas izmantotu kādā no makeup look.


    1. Noteikti izmantoshu sho paleti arii turpmaakajos makeup postos, pati ari esmu sajuusmaa! :) :)


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