11.09.2016 Tunisia

Best DUPE for Z-Palette found in LATVIA

    Everyone has heard about Z-PALETTE, youtubers and popular makeup bloggers are buying it like crazy, showing off in their videos and posts, but... Is it worth the price? Absolutely NOT! Is the idea good? YES!

    Z-palettes retail from $ 5 / 4.5 EUR(smallest palette for 3 pans) - $ 45 / 40 EUR (large double sided palette). The material is hard cardboard with magnetic sheet inside and transparent plastic on top. Most popular palette, what most of the bloggers use is the extra large one, which keeps up to 35 pans and retails for $ 28 / 25.3 EUR. 
    When I was studying Makeup Artistry, our school introduced us to many brands - some more pricey, some more budget friendly. And one of them was JUST Makeup, I am not 100% sure and correct me if I am, but it could be a Russian cosmetic brand, kind of positioned as "professional". They offer all range of makeup products and tools, such as brushes, cases, pauches and bags. I have tried one angled face brush and left  pretty dissappointed with it, but the eye shadow brushes are quite nice and I still use them now, after almost 2 years. But my latest purchase is their CASES, which I got on my last visit to Riga. 

And here comes the dupe...

    And maybe I am a complete fool, but I believe that these cases are pretty much the same as the famous, overpriced Z-palettes! You can get them here or visit their shop in city center of RIGA (Marijas iela 25). The prices vary from 6.35 EUR - 10.75 EUR on their home page, but probably they are having more products in their shop. NOTE: If you will visit the shop in Marijas 25, don't be confused as it is located in one of the top floors of the building so it will require some physical activity. That is the price you have to pay for some good dupe! :)

    I purchased 3 palettes - 2 large ones and one medium size. Unfortunately they are not offering magnetic stickers, but you can always find them on cheap Chinese shopping sites or Ebay. I didn't depot the eye shadows that has their original, pretty palettes, but I had some stock of plain eye shadow pans and the ones in tester form. 
   If you would like a tutorial on how to depot your eye shadows, comment below!


  1. Interesanti! Man ir divas tāda tipa paletes no Nabla, par kurām nesamaksāju neko - viņi tādas dod par brīvu, ja pērk sešas vai 12 acu ēnas uzreiz. Neteikšu gan, ka man no tām ir liela jēga - tāpat tur nemainīgi stāv tās pašas ēnas, kuras saliku pēc nopirkšanas :)


    1. Interesanti, nebiju dzirdejusi par shadu kosmetiku, laba? Man vislielaakaa priekshrociiba shaada veida paleteem ir tas cik daudz vietas varu ietaupit :)


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