BAD LUCK #2 Beauty Edition

     Today I will share with you few products that didn't fulfill my expectations and I find them unusable or almost there. I know that some of there items are favorites for many people but we cant put all of ourselves in the same bow, right? I would like to hear your opinions as well, so comment below, I love to hear your thoughts. 
     This mask is supposed to brighten your skin, soften it and fight imperfections. It did nothing to me, even the opposite - I felt like a greasy mess. You can read my review here. BUT I still love peel products containing AHA and BHA, and I have found perfect product for regular use: NIP+FAB GLYCOLIC FIX EXTREME, read my review here, as well as the tips for using fruity acids in your skincare.

     I am a fan of dry shampoos, especially the Batiste ones, with this, one, exception. As it is volume dry shampoo, it has the traditional texture of volume products - stickiness. Since I have a fringe, and also combination skin type with greasy forehead, I have to use dry shampoo quite often to keep my hair fresh and in shape. Now, IF I sit inside a room, and I don't have to walk in the wind or do anything active, it is more or less fine, but once there is any change of environment, my hair is a mess, fringe is stuck in a weird sticky shape. 
     Also, this shampoo makes hair quite matte and dull in texture, and it is leaving white patches. Aaaand it is so hard to brush out. Fail.

     I got this in Duty Free as a more "healthy" alternative to the classic spray deodorants I am always using. Aluminium-free, that is what sold it. But they forgot to mention the hideous amount of alcohol they added instead! There is no way that a woman would use it after shaving, it is burning like hell. It is incredibly irritating and, if my skin is not sensitive, I am afraid to imagine what would be the result with more fragile skin. 

     I love the honey line from NUXE so I decided to dig deeper in NUXE beauty. It is a well known french pharmacy skincare brand and the price range is not the highest. Nirvanesque is a line fighting first wrinkles and fine lines, so for women around my age, and everything could be fine, BUT... They sold me old products! I am still so heartbroken about the whole situation, and the fact that I didn't have receipt to go and exchange my items. 
     Eye cream was dying in the same month, while face cream after two, but, as someone who works with beauty retail, I know that it simply means they are OLD. As you are supposed to use them for 3-6 month after opening. Also the scent was very weird, not like an old product (they usually smell acidic or like alcohol) but very natural, a bit bitter even. Both creams have a really nice texture but I didnt notice any results in that short period of usage. No minimizing of dark circles, no extra plumpness. And soon I realized that the face cream is breaking me out.
    If anyone has tried this line, I would really appreciate your review.

     Cleansing gel for combination/oily skin type, claims to clear pores and minimize excess sebum. I checked expiring dare, it was fine, but still didn't work for me. As it is a gel I am expecting it to foam, but this one doesn't even though it is supposed to (says in instructions). And it is a bad surprise as for oily skin it is really important to get that foam, because only then your skin feels nicely purified. And because of this reason you will need to use around 3 pumps of product to properly clean the skin. 
     By the way, this gel is not a complete waist because it removes makeup pretty good, but I have other products, such as oils, for this duty.

That is all for today. Enough of disappointments, I hope you will have a great day! :)

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  2. Oh, thank you for stopping me from trying Batiste XXL! I am also their fan and always have small version of Batiste dry shampoo in my bag )

    1. yes, small size is so handy! Unfortunately it is rarely sold here in Tunisia...

  3. I completely agree about the Madara Peel mask - it made no difference whatsoever.

    1. at least some one understands me haha :):)


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