COLOR POP COSMETICS Haul - first impressions and swatches

Good evening everyone! I hope the weather is finally good everywhere and you have a chance to enjoy the lovely summer sunshine. I am back again on blogging with a new post - this time I will tell you about my first impressions of COLOR POP COSMETICS.
As they are not selling their products anywhere else than USA/Canada and neither are they shipping overseas, I had to wait some while until there was a possibility to get these items.
In my first order I chose their most talked-about products - SUPER SHOCK SHADOWS, SUPER SHOCK CHEEK HIGHLIGHTER & LIPPIE STIX.
The color range of LIPPIE STIX is quite wide and it is not easy to choose, for sure! So i choose according to what I liked and what I've heard is good from Youtubers. Price is very affordable - 5 USD so I grabbed 4 shades - three mattes and one satin. You can see swatches below on a thin layer of foundation.

FIRSTLY - where is that matte finish? I, certainly, didn't find it. Textures are gorgeous and pigmented but I wouldn't call them matte. SCENT is really nice, reminds of vanilla ice cream, very delicious but as much it is a bonus for me it can be a big obstacle for someone else. LONG LASTING, oh, how long lasting they are comparing to some fancy 30 EUR lippies... This is always a big issue for me and finally I am satisfied.

FRIDA is satin, and, yes, it is super satin, creamy, little bit greasy (in a good sense) lipstick. I am in love with this shade, perfect for everyday looks and work and somehow it is still quite bold.
OH SNAP was a total impulse buy for me because I am not the best person to wear completely nude shades as they often make my face looking sick and dull... Yet I take this risk always and experiment, hoping that one day I will find my true, perfect, nude love. Well, guess what? Not today! As trendy as this would be it's not for me. I will give it another chance and try it with some more editorial look, who knows.
LUMIERE is elegant evening berry shade, will look amazing on those pale, fairy-typed girls and with the right makeup, also me.
CHI CHI I can't wait to wear it! I just need to wait for little more sunshine on my face to pull this off. Very juicy, vibrant orange shade.


  • Nice, fun packaging
  • Easy to apply, small bullet
  • Very moisturizing
  • Soft texture
  • Long lasting
  • Intensively pigmented
  • Sweet fragrance
  • Great price
  • Finish is not the same as described
  • For someone - too heavy scented
  • Small bullet is fragile and can break (mine did)

Especially I liked their new color called CLIMAX,  LOL! :)
My next pick was SUPER SHOCK CHEEK highlighter powder in shade SMOKIN' WHISTLES. I am really happy with my choice of this color as it is not too light and sparkling and also not too bronze. The finish of my shade is PEARLIZED.

My hand is reaching after this highlighter almost every morning as it is in perfect balance between natural and 'over the top'. The TEXTURE is something I have never tried, super buttery even little bit creamy but still a powder, it is suggested to keep the lid not to let it dry. Even though the texture is almost creamy, it applies and glides so smooth with fluffy brush on the skin. I will definitely get more of these! PRICE - 8 USD.

  • Amazing texture
  • Beautiful color and finish
  • Long lasting
  • Compact packaging
  • Great price
  • I have the feeling that it could dry out fast and loose it's magic
And finally - SUPER SHOCK SHADOW. Five bright shades, four metallics and one matte. Also here I've got issue with the finishes. Below - swatches.

Also the eye shadows have the most interesting texture but in this case it can be a big plus or exactly the opposite. They are nicely pigmented, especially I liked BILL, the only matte shade. The other four are supposedly METALLIC but in reality I find only SEQUIN a completely metallic shade and FLIPPER close to that. You can purchase these for 5 USD.

BILL beautiful transition shade for classic day time look or more sophisticated smokey eye. Also alone all over the lid it is very chic. Strongly recommend!
SHAMELESS sparkling jade-green color, strong color pigment.
PORTER burgundy-red shade, I have the feeling it would be more successful without the shimmer. Tried to use it once, it didn't work out but I will give it another chance and will make it work.
SEQUIN the one and only real metallic shade, very beautiful and buttery texture but can be problematic to blend out the edges. For a gorgeous, trendy smokey look.
FLIPPER is not what I expected to get. I imagined it as pigmented, rich orange shade but it has all this glitter over it... I am wearing it to work, looks nice and brings out the 'greenness' in my eyes.

  • Fragrance free (after my 'sniff-test')
  • Beautiful color range
  • One-of-a-kind texture
  • Minimal texture
  • Texture wasn't as I expected it to be
  • Can be difficult to blend

Soon I will show you these products in action and in conclusion I can tell for sure - this haul was a complete success and I won't stop with this items. Please, anyone who has tried COLOR POP COSMETICS, suggest me what to buy because I want MORE. :)



  1. Man arī bija tas prieks tikt pie ColourPop produktiem. Labi, ka ir radi Amerikā! :)
    Vienīgais produkts, kas mums ir kopīgs, ir Lippie Stix tonī Lumiere, kas man ļoti patīk. Tikko uzklāts tas nav matēts, bet kļūst tāds, kad sākotnējais "slapjums" ir nogājis nost. Tad uz lūpām paliek tikai matēts tonītis.
    Par acu ēnām pilnībā piekrītu, man arī bija pārsteigums, ka tajās ir tik daudz mirdzumu! Vienīgais veids, kā varu nēsāt Colourpop metāliskās ēnas ir plakstiņa vidū, citur izmantojot matētās ēnas. Citādi par spīdīgu :)
    Iesaku pamēģināt viņu vaigu sārtumus. Man ir divi toņi (Prenup un Birthday Suit), abi izskatās lieliski. Man tie ir vairāk nekā pusgadu, bet nekas nav pažuvis, visi produkti kā jauni. Bildes un sīkāka atsauksme ir manā blogā, ja interesē!


    1. Ui, sajaucu, otrā vaigu sārtuma nosaukums ir Between the Sheets! :)

    2. O, paldies par ieteikumu, noteikti izmeegjinaashu arii saartumus! :) Luupu kraasas man veel laikam 'jaaieneesaa'...

  2. Sakiet, ka ir vērts mēģināt? Es kaut kā nevaru saņemties pasūtīt... :)

    1. No savas puses noteikti iesaku izmeegjinaat, jo cena arii nav tik traka pa kabatu nesit :) :) :)


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