Carli Bybel for BH Cosmetics - Soft Bronze Summer Look

As the hot summer weather is approaching, a new make-up season also starts, bring on all the bronze and sunny glow! My new CARLI BYBEL palette from BH Cosmetics is a perfect way to start the season and also - my new blog.
This is my second try on blogging and, hopefully, this time I will be more dedicated for it. This will be my little dream world, place where I will play, enjoy and inspire. LESS IN WORDS, MORE IN PHOTOS... :)

Carli is one of my all time favorite Youtube Beauty Vloggers, I adore her personality and love her looks. As soon as it was possible, i got my hands on her palette and today I finally played with it. I had no idea what to expect as I never ever bought anything from BH Cosmetics and the price range really brings my eyebrows up - maybe it will just be a waste of time?

For this look i used almost all the shadows in palette to achieve more glowy holiday look. The colors are beautiful, but not as intensively pigmented as I would wish. You can see that camera flash 'eats' a lot of color off but still I managed to get something out of it. Textures are easy to blend and quite buttery, especially I loved the lightest matte shade and most of the shimmery ones. I was layering all colors starting with mattes to intensify the colors. Here you can see result with and without flash.
I mixed together two lightest highlighter powders from the palette and applied on the high points. I also used two darkest highlighters over the areas I've had bronzed.


Thank you for visiting my blog! A lot of fresh, new summer looks will be coming soon. :)


  1. Ļoti skaists grima tēls! :) Es Carly Bybel paleti nopirku reizē kopā ar jauno Shaaanxo paleti un wow, biju pārsteigta par to cik ēnas un izgaismotāji ir labi! Mana mīļākā ēna ir pirmajā rindā, otrā no kreisās puses!
    Apsveicu ar pirmo bloga ierakstu! Veiksmi un panākumus nākotnē!


    1. Paldies par komentaaru! :) Jaa, kvalitaate tieshaam ir paarsteigums, es vel iegadajos HD uzacu ziimuli turpat un arii ljoti labs. Vai esi apmierinaata ar Shaaanxo paleti, kaadas ir luupukraasas? Gribu iegaadaaties arii to, jo gan piegade, gan cena ir tiesham izdeviga.

  2. Love the way you have done your make-up! Natural and beautiful at the same time!


  3. Tēls izcils! Patiešām priecājos, ka esi atgriezusies, jo atceros vēl Tavu iepriekšējo blogu un pat nevarēju saprast kāpēc tik strauji pārtrauci rakstīt.. :)
    Ar atgriešanos!

    1. Paldies! :) Ljoti ilgi gribeeju atsaakt blogot, bet dazhaadu apstaaklju sakritiibas deelj nekaadi nesanaaca...


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