3.17.2017 Tunis, Tunisia


     I was seeing L'OREAL INFAILLIBLE TOTAL COVER CONCEALER PALETTE everywhere online, so I decided to try it out and see if it lives up to the hype. I got mine while visiting Istanbul last month, and after couple weeks of using it I can finally write a review on La Poudre Blog.
     The palette consists of five shades - 3 natural tones, one light purple and one mint green. Light purple can be used to brighten dull areas on your face, but the mint green can be used to neutralize redness. It claims to be full coverage and long wear.


     Color correction is nothing new to me as I am professional MUA and also talk about it in my own makeup lessons. For those who haven't heard about it, here is a simple and easy explanation - complimentary colors tend to "switch off" each other when they are layered, complimentary colors are the opposite ones in the color wheel.
     Here are most common solutions:

  • Redness - green shades
  • Acne and blemishes - green shades
  • Acne scars - green, yellow or salmon shades, depending of the color of scars.
  • Hyper pigmentation - orange and peachy shades
  • Dull skintone - purple and pink shades
  • Blue or purple under eye circles - yellow shades
  • Visible blood vessels and bruises - yellow shades
  • Naturally dark under eye circles - orange, salmon and red shades

     Below you can see how I used it on my face, I applied thin layer or product and blended in skin and followed with my favorite foundation.
     I have small redness on my T-zone where the pores are enlarged so I fixed it with mint green. Under eye circles are purple/blue so yellowest natural shade neutralized it just below my eye and inner corner, but then I have small unevenness just on the boarder of eye contour so I applied darkest natural shade which is more peachy. For the sake of experiment I decided to fix some dullness on my top eyelid and around my mouth and honestly it was successful. And finally, small pinpoint correction for some blemishes with the yellow shade.
     I find it easier to blend it with fingers, as beauty blender and brushes started to remove some of the product and it started to look patchy, but with fingers it was just fine. Pigmentation is pretty good but there is a difference if compared with professional products. Texture is creamy and applies easy.
     This is the "after" photo with just foundation on top. Because concealers are so thin in texture and blended so well with fingers, you cant see any of the colors peeking through. Concealers sticked to the skin very good and didn't mix together with foundation.
     Biggest surprise is the purple shade which actually really did brighten my eye lid. But I would really love to have more pigmented yellow shade in the palette, because the lightest shade wasn't completely enough to cover blue circles so I had to apply it in two layers and blend in carefully.

     Definitely, good bargain for those who are just starting practicing color correction in makeup and also great for everyday use. Pans are quite large and all shades are very, very usable, so it is not a waste of money. Palette is thin and compact, easy to throw in your makeup bag when you are traveling. I am also using the lightest shade as concealer on top of my foundation for natural highlighting, as formula is very creamy and, if set with powder, last all day without creasing.

PRICE: 13.00 - 15.00 EUR

      I bought mine in Istanbul, Watsons, but I have noticed that in USA/Canada L'Oreal Infallible palette has different design and offers two options - one for color correction, one for concealing.


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