I am sure that most of you know very well the product I will talk about today. Yet still I would like to share my own review about NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM's. I am playing with these 'lipsticks' already for around 2 years, time to time adding a new shade to the family. NYX is popular choice between drug store brands as the quality often goes far in front of its competition. Their lip cream was one of the first products I purchased and one of the reasons of my love story to this brand.
Currently I own six different lip creams and my first was ATHENS which I bought as a dupe for a Givenchy lipstick I was so scared to finish (Le Rouge 102 I am looking at you...!). Soon after that other sisters followed and my last two are CANNES and COPENHAGEN, added about a month ago.

In Latvia, where I first got them, I paid less than 8 EUR per piece so it is an average Drugstore product price.
Simple, small tubes with black top and colorful bottom. sometimes I wish it would be transparent so I could follow up how much product has left in but from other hand half empty lip gloss tubes are never cute... Wand applicator could be better in quality and little bit softer.
Delicious vanilla - creme brulee scent, I love it! Those who have problems with fragrances you better stay away from this lippie!
Super-smooth, silky, non-drying mousse texture. Easy to apply and correct mistakes. 
I have noticed that the bright and intensive shades tend to be more matte. Lighter and more natural ones are semi-matte. Although colors are bright they can be little bit patchy and I would suggest to use lip pencil under. Lighter colors, like ATHENS and CANNES, I have noticed are more even in coverage. This issue you can see in swatches, nudes are almost flawless on others you can notice patchiness.Colors are slightly different from the colors of packaging, see MONTE CARLO - packaging is cool toned dark red and color is almost a bright pink. Also PRAGUE I expected to be darker. 
And again brighter colors are more long lasting than lighter ones. Be careful after eating especially greasy food after which lipsticks will come off little bit flaky and lips wont feel very nice and comfortable. When wearing bright colors, like MOROCCO, take the lipstick with you so you can refresh it time to time. Of course I would suggest to do it with all of the colors but lightest ones wear off less visible and help to avoid awkward situations.

Below you can see all the swatches in daylight and in camera flash.

My favorites - ATHENSMOROCCO. Yes, there is a reason why they are called SOFT MATTE LIP CREAMS. Fine, maybe they should change it to SOFT ALMOST MATTE LIP CREAMS. :) They are not the same as Liquid Lipsticks (the latest obsession of the beauty world), but for the money you pay you will definitely get a good quality product that is worth more than it's price, if we compare them to the similar products from other brands. These are great lipsticks to play with when you wan't to keep up with different make up trends FOR LESS. I am sure I will not stop only at six sisters so PLEASE SUGGEST ME WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET NEXT so I can feed my beauty addiction. :)


  1. Mans Monte Carlo gan izskatās tumšāks.. Iegādājos jau otro tūbiņu, jo iepriekšējo pazaudēju un secināju, ka bez tik universāla toņa nevar!
    Es noteikti iesaku Transylvania! ļoti skaists, tumšs tonis, ko var klāt gan plānā, gan biezā kārtā :)

    1. Paldies par ieteikumu, esmu Transylvania pamaniijusi, buus jaaizmeegjina :)

  2. Esmu gribējusi izmēģināt vairākus toņus, bet kaut kā neesmu sapratusi kurš būtu tas tonis, kas man visvairāk derētu ikdienas gaitās.
    Žēl, ka nebija redzami svači uz lūpām šajā rakstā, bet jau tā skaidrs, ka pigmentācija un izpildījums ir ievērojams :)

    1. Swatchus noteikti pievienoshu nakamajos shaada tipa postos, paldies par ieteikumu :) Katrai dienai Athens man vismiiljaakais tonis no shiem

  3. Šie matētie lūpu spīdumi noteikti ir vieni maniem visu laiku favorītiem! <3 Noteikti varu ieteikt toņus Antwerp un Zurich. Tie ir mani mani mīļākie toņi :) Esmu ieintriģēta izmēģināt Cannes toni, jo izskatās burvīgs! <3


    1. Oo paldies par ieteikumu, papeetiishu shos tonjus! :) Cannes ljoti skaists, sevishkji vasaraa kad aada jau iedegusi, izskataas ljoti harmoniski


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